Women won’t be silenced

Women won’t be silenced

All around the world, women are being harassed and silenced for voicing their concerns about the impact of harmful gender policies and practices on women’s sex-based rights and the welfare of children.

And it’s happening in Australia too.

This week at NSW Parliament, we witnessed nine courageous women from around the country tell their stories about how they have been attacked for speaking out about biological reality and the sex-based rights of women and girls.

Of course, trans activists momentarily gate-crashed the event, shouting down the women, and proving our point exactly.

The women who spoke included from left to right:

Louise Elliot, a Hobart City Councillor who is facing legal action for saying transwomen are biological males and that women have a right to single-sex spaces.

Katherine Deves, a lawyer and former Liberal Party candidate who was attacked and vilified during the NSW election by the media and even members of her own party, for defending the sex-based rights of women and girls.

Sall Grover, a Gold Coast businesswoman who is currently facing a human rights lawsuit for refusing to allow a man who identifies as a woman to use her female-only networking app.

Dr Jillian Spencer, a child psychiatrist who was suspended from Queensland’s Children’s Hospital after she questioned the use of puberty blockers without an appropriate mental health assessment.

Jasmine Sussex, a Melbourne-based breastfeeding counsellor who was sacked from the Australian Breastfeeding Association for using the term ‘mother’ and refusing to help men breastfeed.

Angie Jones, a women’s rights advocate who has been defamed, doxed, and harassed for her part in organising Melbourne’s Let Women Speak rally.

Kirralie Smith, the director of Binary Australia who is facing two APVO applications and two vilification complaints for drawing attention to trans-identified males competing in female sports.

Moira Deeming, a politician who has been defamed and expelled from the Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party by Opposition Leader John Pesutto for attending Melbourne’s Let Women Speak Rally.

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, a feminist academic who has experienced a relentless campaign against her by trans activists at the University of Melbourne because of her gender critical views.

We have worked closely with many of these women and others to defend the rights and safety of women and children in the face of a dangerous ideology that is causing them grave harm. We have defended them and called out the injustices they have faced online and in the media.  

The women listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Other names that come to mind include:

Julie Szego, a columnist who had expressed gender critical views and was sacked by The Age for calling out its refusal to run a piece on youth gender transition.

Pearl Moon, an Australian artist who was expelled as a finalist from the Australian Wearable Art Festival for attending Let Women Speak events.

Anna Kerr, principal solicitor of the Feminist Legal Clinic in NSW, which was evicted from its offices by Sydney City Council for publishing articles about the tension between trans’ rights and women’s rights and the harmful effect of ‘gender affirming’ treatments on children.  

Karyn Lisignoli, who was sacked as CEO of Girl Guides WA for asking about the definition of 'woman' under Australian law.

Nina Vallins and Linda Gale who were ousted by the Victorian Greens for their gender critical views.

Sue Clarke and Linda McCarthy who were pushed out of the Animal Justice Party for raising concerns about trans athletes in women’s sport and self-identification laws.

Beth Rep, a Canberra radio broadcaster who posted gender critical comments on social media and was sued for vilifying a trans activist.

And there are many, many more women who have faced reprisals for speaking out against the harms of gender ideology, and there are many more who will continue to do so unless we stand together against this insidious ideology.

If we don’t speak up and raise a voice together now, there will come a time where it is even harder to do so. ‘Hate speech laws’ which restrict the expression of gender critical views are already taking root around the country and women who speak out are already starting to be penalised under them.

It is critical that we take a strong stand together for women and girls against an ideology that seeks to cancel and silence them. Any one of us could be next.

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