Erasure of Biological Sex

Erasure of Biological Sex

Women’s Forum Australia rejects the idea that gender trumps biology and maintains that the reality of biological sex must be preserved in law and policy so as to protect the rights and safety of women and girls.

By corroding biological sex-based protections, it is women and girls who predominantly lose out, as biological sex is the basis of most discrimination against females, as well as the reason for their vulnerability to physical and sexual violence from males. Women predominantly suffer discrimination and are particularly vulnerable because they have female bodies, not because they identify as female.

Particular harms stemming from efforts to erase sex include the corrosion of our language and the erasure of women, the self-identification of males into female-only sports, spaces and services, the medical transitioning of children, and the abuse and silencing of those who speak out on these issues.

Women’s Forum Australia is deeply concerned about the gross overrepresentation of girls presenting at gender clinics and the response which is to “affirm” their gender dysphoria, rather than treat the underlying symptoms, which often include complex social and mental health issues.

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