Some of our favourite tweets in support of Bette Midler and Macy Gray

Some of our favourite tweets in support of Bette Midler and Macy Gray

This week, both Macy Gray and Bette Midler came under fire for comments criticised as ‘transphobic’. In what has become the norm, both women were derided as ‘TERFS’ (trans exclusionary radical feminists), were subject to threats and verbal abuse, as well as calls to cancel them. Their crimes? Speaking up for women’s words, speaking up for womanhood, and speaking up for biological reality.

Midler faced backlash for tweeting:

"WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name! They don't call us "women' anymore; they call us 'birthing people' or 'menstruators, and even 'people with vaginas'! Don't let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!"

The actress and singer has since addressed the backlash in another tweet saying that her tweet was in response to a piece in the New York Times titled ‘The Far Right and the Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count’. "There was no intention of anything exclusionary or transphobic in what I said; it wasn't about that," her tweet concluded.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Gray, best known for her 1999 hit song “I try”, caused a similar furore after responding to his comments about the issue of trans athletes in women’s sports:

"I will say this and everyone's gonna hate me but as a woman, just because you go change your parts, doesn't make you a woman, sorry…I know that for a fact."

"Being a little girl is a whole epic book, you know? And you can't have that just because you want to be a woman."

"I don't think you should be labelled transphobic just because you don't agree."

In a statement to “Entertainment Tonight”, Gray also addressed the backlash:

"I have nothing but love for the LGBTQ+ and transgender community and have been a supporter since day one. My statement on Piers Morgan was grossly misunderstood. I don't hate anyone. I respect everyone's right to feel comfortable in their bodies and live their own truth."

But she has since followed her statement up with an indignant tweet:

“all of you coming on my page, threatening me and calling me names – just becuz I said something you don’t agree with – be whatever you wana be, and fk off.”

Neither woman has retracted her comments, and while the media have predictably focused on the backlash, there are plenty of people voicing their support. Here are some of our favourite tweets exposing the insanity of the backlash, and showing love and support to these two brave women who have stuck their necks out for women everywhere:

“Today feels like a good day to ensure I’ve bought @MacyGraysLife’s entire back catalogue.” – J.K. Rowling

“So, what’s the plan for getting Macy Gray to number 1? Are we streaming a particular song or just buying everything she’s ever done? I’m up for either but it should be a concerted effort.” - Apostate

“So women can’t state Scientific facts without being attacked and their livelihoods threatened. Wild.” – Nimco Ali

“Macy Gray, as she predicted, is already being abused, hounded, shamed & branded ‘transphobic’ by the usual vile, vicious mob who attack women that defend women’s rights. I stand with you @MacyGraysLife - thanks for your courage and honesty.” - Piers Morgan

“Bette Midler and Macy Gray aren't receiving pushback because they said something hateful or inaccurate. They are being demonized as heretics for rejecting the dogmas of a new religion. This is how blasphemy law works the digital era.” – Stephen Knight

“Rolling Stone really suggested Macy Gray knowing what biological sex is could lead to the murder of trans people. Women are not to blame for male violence. Neither are the material facts of biology. Maybe don’t use the crimes of some men to try to shame women into silence.” - Lorelei

“Dismiss this woman: a game. JK Rowling: Too rich! Bette Midler: Too old! Kathleen the newspapers too much! Maya Forstater: misgendered colleagues [she didn't]...Rumoured to have misgendered colleagues! Allison Bailey: ...uh...she uh... Macy Gray: Fuck.” - Sheena

“Bette Midler speaks up for women's words. Macy Gray speaks for up womanhood. Tickle vs Giggle bites the dust. Amy Hamm's charges dropped. The New York times lets a woman come out to bat for women. Maya and the witches of TERF Island are #WorthyOfRespect. That tide done TURNED.” – Serena Partrick

“Translation: Macy Gray & Bette Midler believe in the reality of biological sex and understand that “woman” means adult human female—a category unattainable for individuals with XY chromosomes and male sex organs.” – Delano Squires

"I love that we've now got @jk_rowling, @rickygervais, Dave Chappelle, @BetteMidler, Madonna, Macy Gray, and @elonmusk. Team TERF is a hell of a team." - Sharon Veranda

**Update: In an uncomfortable interview with the Today Show, which was reminiscent of a hostage video, Macy Gray has since backpedalled on her comments, saying: "I’ve learned so much. Being a woman is a vibe and it’s something I’m very proud of and something that it is very precious to me. I think that if you in your heart feel that’s what you are, then that’s what you are regardless of what anybody says or thinks." Being a woman is not a "vibe". It is a biological reality. It's a shame Gray capitulated to the mob, but in the face of a vicious media pile-on, abusive messages, threats to cancel her shows, and likely intense pressure from her management/record company, it is not difficult to see why she did. This is yet another example of women being silenced and it is both disgraceful and devastating.**

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