Which Tasmanian candidates are standing for women and girls this election?

Which Tasmanian candidates are standing for women and girls this election?

This Saturday, Tasmanians will go to the polls to choose their representatives for the next four years.

In Tasmania, and all over the world, women and girls are being stripped of their sex-based rights and protections, as biological males are allowed to self-identify as female, and access their spaces, services, activities and opportunities.

This has far-reaching implications for women's safety, women's sport, freedom of speech and accurate data collection.

This is why over the past few weeks, we have been calling on all candidates to commit to the safety of women and girls by signing the Women’s Pledge (both via direct email and our open letter).

And we are letting Tasmanians know which candidates are committed to standing with women and girls – and which are not.

So far, candidates from the Liberal Party, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, and multiple independents (including brilliant women's rights defender Louise Elliot) have signed the pledge!

Meanwhile, the entire Greens Party have refused to sign the pledge.

Voters need know who they can trust this election to protect women and girls from a radical ideology that seeks to erase them, their rights and protections.

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