They're treating THREE-year-olds at gender clinics

They're treating THREE-year-olds at gender clinics

It has just come to light that the disgraced UK Tavistock children’s gender clinic was seeing kids as young as THREE.

Yes, 3-YEAR-OLDS – for whom the notion of gender identities is utterly unintelligible – were being treated for ‘gender dysphoria’ and started along a pathway which can lead to irreversible medicalisation, including opposite sex hormones, sterility and the removal of healthy body parts.

But as people react in horror to this news, Australia’s Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, continues to treat the rising number of children – including 3-year-olds – who are ‘distressed about their gender’.

Gender ideology is being pushed on Australian children from every angle – from our education and healthcare systems, to entertainment and ‘drag queen story time’ in libraries – with girls being overwhelmingly overrepresented at gender clinics.

Throughout the year, we have been highlighting the indoctrination and harmful gender affirmation of children through parliamentary submissions, advocacy campaigns, in the media, and across a range of online platforms.

We also co-hosted a landmark forum at the Victorian Parliament with detransitioners, parents, medical and legal experts, to address the harms of medicalised gender affirmation practices on minors and the need for an urgent inquiry into such practices.

And the good news is, the tide is turning. This year:

- Multiple Australian politicians called for urgent inquiries into ‘gender affirming care’ for children

- 7NEWS shattered the mainstream media silence on the harms of medically ‘transitioning’ gender confused children in its Spotlight documentary on detransitioners

- One of Australia’s largest medical insurers announced it will no longer cover GPs and private practitioners against legal claims arising from 'gender transitioning treatments' for patients under 18-years-old

- The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists released an updated position statement which included a breakthrough shift away from ‘gender affirming care’ for children presenting with gender dysphoria

- A growing number of medical professionals and legal experts have been vocal in their opposition to transgender treatments for children

And it is critical that we keep up the momentum.

This is especially the case for NSW, which is currently facing legislation which, as with states like Victoria, could mandate harmful ‘gender affirming’ treatments for children presenting with gender dysphoria in law. Those who don’t comply, including parents and medical professionals, could face fines or even jail time.

Together, we must continue to push back against the ideologically driven medicalisation of children.

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