Is this the beginning of the end of harmful gender transitioning treatments for children?

Is this the beginning of the end of harmful 'gender transitioning treatments' for children?

Is reality finally catching up?

One of Australia's largest medical insurers will no longer cover GPs and private practitioners against legal claims arising from 'gender transitioning treatments' for patients under 18-years-old.

MDA National’s president said the decision was made in response to legal cases overseas, including the high-profile inquiry into, and subsequent closure of Tavistock – Britain’s only children’s gender clinic.

“We don’t think we can accurately and fairly price the risk of regret.”

Wow. In other words, insurers are starting to realise that medical practitioners engaging in gender transitioning treatments are going to get sued.

This development follows the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists's shift away from endorsing a “gender-affirmative approach” in 2021, as well as the case of Sydney woman Jay Langadinos who is suing her psychiatrist for professional negligence relating to her 'gender transition', which she began at age 19. Ten years later, Jay says "she has suffered and continues to suffer from injuries and disabilities" resulting from her transition. 

Making health practitioners think twice about providing harmful, irreversible hormonal and surgical ‘treatments’ to children and young people, is a HUGE WIN against the gender ideology zeitgeist.

And not only this, over the past few days, The Australian has been on a roll exposing the harms of gender ideology to vulnerable children.

‘We have lost our child to this insidious ideology’, 26 May 2023“We have lost our child to this insidious ideology...We’re utterly devastated...The strangest thing is that these are children. You could say this was an experiment on children, but there is no clinical trial and no results are being recorded.”

Parents raise alarm school ‘wellbeing teams’ encourage children to question gender, 29 May 2023"Concerned teachers say “wellbeing co-ordinators” stationed within public schools in several states, but often with no qualifications in education or psychology, are pushing transgender ideology on students and confusing young teenagers..."

Judges warned of ‘worst medical scandal in 100 years’, 30 May 2023“Family Court judges urged to consider new evidence at odds with current legal frameworks governing cases of gender-dysphoric children, or risk contributing to the “worst medical scandal in 100 years.””

And finally, today's editorial:

The gender issue deserves urgent and open debate, 31 May 2023: "These discussions can be difficult for gender-diverse persons and their families. But appropriate treatment of gender dysphoria in teenagers needs to be debated and scrutinised. We do not claim to have all the answers but will continue to present the facts, to encourage debate and to hold to account those whose actions are affecting the lives of vulnerable young people and their families. A culture of silence must not be allowed to prevail."

Women’s Forum Australia and other advocates have been calling out the harms of gender ideology – particularly irreversible medical treatments – to vulnerable children for years.

And now the tide is turning. Truth, reality, and common sense are winning.

Thank you for your support in helping us to raise a voice on one of the most critical issues of our time, and for your ongoing support as we continue to call out the harms of gender ideology to women, children, and our wider society.

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