Woman’s words about work and pregnancy strike a chord

Woman’s words about work and pregnancy strike a chord

Public relations expert Carin Warner has made waves on LinkedIn after sharing her experience of being pregnant while being the only female senior executive at the agency she worked for before starting her own PR agency Notably.

Liked over 30,000 times, her words about the pressure she experienced and the judgement she received resonated with thousands of women.

“I’ve heard way too many stories like this… It is baffling how many people can be so negative towards mothers, and fathers, during such a joyful time in their lives. I hope that hearing stories, like yours, will open the eyes of others and change their perspective.

“I find it simultaneously hilarious and sad that people are OUTRAGED/SHOCKED by this story. Carin Warner got the usual, the norm. That's what's shocking and outrageous.”

“Thanks for posting this… I am hopeful with more female leaders being a mother will be viewed as a leadership strength and not weakness.”

“Could NOT agree more and admire how this motivated you to start your own agency and enact that change that is needed. Being a working mom should be celebrated!!”

While there were some women who shared positive experiences with their employers, it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to supporting women in the workplace and recognising children as a gift, not a burden.

Warner ended her post with the words: Pregnancy is not a cause for shame. It’s a cause for celebration.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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