WIN against corporates trying to erase women

WIN against corporates trying to erase women

A Women's Forum Australia supporter recently let us know about a concerning decision by TerryWhite Chemmart to refer to mothers as "birthing parents" in its catalogue and on its website.

We posted the story to social media, asking why one of Australia's largest pharmacy chains was trying to erase women and mothers.

Mothers and other members of the public took to social media to express their outrage about the degrading term, threatening to boycott the company.

In less than 24 hours, TerryWhite updated the term to mother on its website. It seems money talks.

This is a win for women, biological reality and common sense, and shows the power of ordinary people to effect change when it comes to this madness!

Dehumanising terms like "birthing parent", "uterus owner" and "chest feeder" are the latest in what feels like a concerted effort to erase women – and our unique lived experiences as women – from society.

Women’s awards, women’s places on sporting teams, women’s spaces and now terminology that goes to the core of our very identity are being hijacked by a radical ideology.

Men cannot give birth. At the end of the day, no matter how a person ‘identifies’, only women can give birth and only women can be mothers. We can’t keep denying reality in the name of kindness and inclusiveness because the actual effect is the opposite.

Watch our Research Fellow Stephanie Bastiaan talk to Rita Panahi about our win:

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