Unable to get pregnant, Brisbane couple adopt six kids

Unable to get pregnant, Brisbane couple adopt six kids

A beautiful story has surfaced about a Brisbane couple who adopted six children after struggling with infertility. The children are now aged 8 to 20 and first came into Lisa’s and Nathan’s care as foster kids.

Before the couple had children permanently placed in their care, they had about 20 kids come and go.

"All I ever wanted to be growing up was a mum," says the 35-year-old from north Brisbane.

Their eldest daughter Courtney was placed with Lisa and Nathan when she was 12 along with her younger sister and later, her younger brother. Courtney said she knew early on she wanted to be adopted by them.

“I saw how lovey Lisa and Nathan were…They already saw us as part of the family.”

Lisa says Courtney was a "little rebel" when they first met, so seeing her “break the cycle” has made her really proud.

"She's really done everything she can to change. She's determined," says Lisa.

Lisa still has mixed feelings about not being able to experience pregnancy and her and Nathan sadly face a lot of stigma about fostering and adoption.

“But I wouldn't change it for the world — I love them so much," says Lisa.

We hope that Lisa’s and Nathan’s story will inspire others to open up their hearts and lives to children in need.

Read the full story on ABC Life.

To find out more about adoption in Australia, visit www.adoptchange.org.au

If you are a birth mum facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering placing your baby for adoption, check out www.bravelove.org

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