Shining a light on the harms of gender ideology

Shining a light on the harms of gender ideology

Our CEO Rachael Wong joined Moira Deeming MP, Giggle CEO Sall Grover, and The Hon Amanda Stoker at CPAC Australia in Sydney this past weekend, to shine a light on the harms of gender ideology to women, children and our entire culture.

The four women spoke about the threat to women’s spaces, the irreversible damage being done in 'gender transitioning' vulnerable children, and the devastating impact of pornography on the rise of transgenderism.

They also emphasised what we can achieve when we raise our voices together against this harmful ideology.

It was a joy to hear from and catch up with friends and heroes, and to meet many of our wonderful supporters.

Rachael Wong, Katherine Deves, Moira Deeming MP and Sall Grover at the CPAC Freedom & Hope Gala Dinner.

Catching up with these two phenomenal men  Senator Alex Antic and Nick Goiran MLC.

Panel discussion with Nick Goiran MLC and the brilliant Bev McArthur MP.

The incomparable Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.

Media outlets like The Project predictably slammed the conference as 'extreme right', which is currently one of the most fashionable slurs used by woke elites and 'progressives' to shut down those they disagree with.

There's nothing extreme about saying men cannot be women, or that it is wrong to sterilise and remove the healthy body parts of children.

You can watch all the sessions from the event on ADH TV, including our full panel discussion.

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