Senator calls out shocking decision to reduce paedophile's supervision after he identifies as a woman

Senator calls out shocking decision to reduce paedophile's supervision after he identifies as a woman

We have consistently raised concerns about the adverse impacts of harmful gender policies and practices throughout this country that allow men to self-identify as women and gain access to women's spaces, services and sports. 

We didn't think we could be shocked anymore at the harms propagated by a dangerous ideology that elevates gender identity over sex and biological reality, but a recent story from Western Australia has proved us wrong. There, a court ordered reduced supervision for a notorious paedophile, because his "transition into a woman could reduce the chance of reoffending".

This is not the first time a padeophile's interests have been prioritised over common sense and the best interests of the community, and it is not the first time that a male sex abuser's crimes will now be attributed to women (see for example our campaign regarding the trans-identifying male sex offender and paedophile who is being housed in Victoria's Dame Phyllis Frost women's prison). 

Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler has spoken out strongly against this insanity in an email to her supporters this evening, which we include in full below: 

"Sometimes, I see news that is so shocking I can’t quite believe it’s happening in Australia.

In Western Australia, a male guilty of more than ONE THOUSAND horrific child sex abuse crimes had his supervision orders reduced after claiming he transitioned to become a woman. 

From the Daily Mail:

A ‘chronic’ paedophile who carried out more than 1000 horrific child sex abuse crimes will be able to live more unsupervised after a court found her [their word, not mine] transition into a woman could reduce the chance of reoffending. 

The 56-year-old was locked up in Casuarina Prison in Perth in 2005 over child abuse crimes.

The West Australian added that the offender was “convicted of an evil plot to set up a child abuse ring in Thailand with fellow paedophiles he met in prison”.

In 2008, a judge said this “chronic” paedophile was “unlikely to change significantly ever”.

Yet now that assessment has been thrown out and the legal system is more concerned about the offender’s “social situation” and feeling “more accepted” by the community.

According to the Court, the gender transition of this dangerous criminal had been in the “community’s interests”.

But how exactly is a dangerous, convicted sex offender changing their name and appearance in the interests of the community?

I’ve been outspoken since being elected about the national disgrace which is Australia’s appalling rate of child sexual abuse and the need for courts and governments to put the safety of children first by locking up these dangerous criminals up and keeping them locked up.

There’s no better example than this case of a legal system which gambles with the lives of Australian children with wishful thinking that a “chronic” paedophile has suddenly turned over a new leaf.

This is not the first time this has happened in Australia, which is why I’ve put written questions to federal agencies about why convicted child sex offenders are permitted to change their names and identities.

We need to know why states and territories are making it possible for male sex offenders to self-identify into women’s spaces.

Governments allow it to happen, and then have the audacity to call it ‘discrimination’ when the decision is questioned.

In some cases you can even be accused of breaking the law for pointing out how dangerous this is.

If we’re serious about protecting children from the appalling scourge of child sexual abuse, this should have been one of the biggest stories in Australia over the last week.

And yet, in most mainstream media outlets, you couldn’t read a word about it.

The Daily Mail and The West Australian, who at least did cover it, felt compelled to use the preferred pronouns of this monster, referring to him as ‘she’ and ‘her’ throughout the articles.

Dangerous male criminals using self-ID loopholes to their own advantage is EXACTLY what we warned would happen.

The failure of mainstream media to report that its happening and ask why governments are prioritising the feeling of sex offenders over the safety of children is an ideologically driven disgrace."

We are grateful for Senator Chandler's perseverance in calling out the grave harms of gender ideology, and we join her in calling on politicians, judges and mainstream media to stop putting the interests of male paedophiles above common sense and the best interests of women and children.

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