Aussie kids trapped in online porn ring

Aussie kids trapped in online porn ring

It has been reported that Australian children as young as 12 have been caught up in an international online pornography ring operating out of Bangladesh. The children involved were blackmailed on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook into sending explicit images of themselves, which were then sold on the dark web.

Images and videos of three Australian girls between 12 and 13 have so far been identified amongst more than 3000 images seized in Dhaka since the three male suspects — two university graduates and an undergraduate student — were arrested.

The three girls were among a small group whose images included information about their country, city of residence and, in some cases, even their school.

Authorities in Dhaka are working with the Australian Federal Police, as well as the FBI and British authorities, to help identify the victims who range from 8 to 16 years old.

Predators are rife on social media and stories like this should prompt parents to be extremely mindful of their children’s social media use and to put measures in place – including timely conversations about potential harms – in order to protect them from abuse and exploitation. Social media platforms must also take greater responsibility for cracking down on such behaviour.

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