Sephora's promotion of sex toys inappropriate for teenage girl audience

Sephora's promotion of sex toys inappropriate for teenage girl audience

Our CEO Rachael Wong has called out international beauty chain Sephora's decision to market sex toys on its social media. 

In a video uploaded to Instagram and other social media platforms, Rachael outlines the problems with Sephora's latest marketing ploy, highlighting the fact that tweens and teenage girls are one of Sephora's key target audiences. 

Not only that, but a recent survey showed that Sephora is the beauty retailer of choice for teens in the United States.

Watch the video or read the transcript below.


"If the gender ideology in Sephora’s campaigns and advertising wasn’t enough to put you off, it’s latest stunt may.

Sephora has been promoting vibrators on its social media pages, which it sells through its online store.

While some women have welcomed the move, many others have hit back at Sephora for irresponsible advertising that it knows will be seen by young girls.

Sephora has defended itself saying its vibrators are part of “sexual wellness” and others have said that kids shouldn’t be shopping there anyway.

The reality is, however, that the international beauty chain is not only frequented by tweens and teenage girls, but marketed at them as well.

Even more concerning is the @smilemakerscollection page that Sephora links to, which includes posts about masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, hand jobs, rimming, vulva owners, polyamory and gender identities.

Given the rampant sexualisation of children in our culture and moves to break down their barriers, the promotion of sex toys and sexual activities by Sephora is both harmful and irresponsible."

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