NO. It’s NOT OK for kids to send headless nudes.

NO. It’s NOT OK for kids to send headless nudes.

It’s a crime to share nude pictures of children under 18.

Despite this fact, in their new Australian children’s book, authors of ‘Welcome to Sex’ advise kids:

“If we were talking to our own kids, we’d tell them to always crop their head out of any photos...” 

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean and child psychiatrist Dr Jillian Spencer have both condemned this dangerous advice about how to send nudes ‘safely’ by cropping out your head, which exposes children to exploitation, criminal charges, and distorted perceptions of their body and self-worth.

And research shows that girls experience double the rate of child sexual abuse than boys, which is exactly what this kind of advice puts them at risk of.

What advice should the authors have given to children? DON’T SEND NUDES. Ever.

In addition to advising children how to send nudes by cropping out their heads, ‘Welcome to Sex’, which is aimed at 10 to 15-year-olds, includes graphic step-by-step descriptions of adult sex acts like anal sex, blow jobs and fingering, and aggressively pushes gender ideology on children.

One of the book’s authors believes the material in the book is suitable for kids as young as 8.

As a result of the sexually explicit, dangerous, and illegal activity promoted in the book, we have grave concerns around its current promotion to and accessibility by children, and we know that many Australians share our concerns.

If you haven't yet added your name to our campaign to stop the sexualisation of our kids, please do so today.

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