Help defend what women deserve – a safe, free and full life

Help defend what women deserve – a safe, free and full life

Despite achieving so many milestones and contributing so much to Australia, in recent years the attack on women threatens to compromise our rights, safety and advancement in society.

Issues such as abortion and coercion through domestic violence, harmful gender policies and sexual violence fuelled by porn leave women vulnerable to exploitation, instead of being upheld and supported.

Your support is vital to raise awareness with all Australians, to ensure that our governments address these issues and provide women with genuine support – so that every woman is treated with dignity and respect.

Your tax-deductible gift today to build the $30,000 defence fund will help set up a strong, national public campaign to raise awareness about the need to defend women and girls. You’ll help produce research papers and opinion pieces, to move politicians, decision-makers and the public to take action.

No woman facing an unplanned pregnancy should feel as if abortion is her only choice. No woman in this country should need to have her identity as a woman eroded. No woman or child should suffer porn-fuelled sexual violence.

All women should enjoy a safe, free and full life.

So, thank you for giving generously to protect and advance the rights of women! 

Rachael Wong
CEO | Women’s Forum Australia

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Contributions are tax deductible.