Join the movement for genuinely pro-woman cultural change

Your tax-deductible gift today to help reach our $179,000 end of financial year funding target will help empower genuinely pro-woman research, education, public policy advocacy and media commentary on critical issues affecting women and girls in the year ahead by:

  • Pushing back against radical gender ideology, which oppresses and erases women and girls
  • Opposing sex self-ID laws, that allow anyone to change their legal sex, enabling men to say they're women and be treated as women under the law
  • Advocating for the protection of all female-only spaces and services, including bathrooms, changing rooms, prisons and refuges
  • Championing protections for female single-sex sport so that women and girls are able to enjoy the myriad benefits of sporting achievement
  • Calling for an end to harmful 'gender affirming' surgery and treatments for children with gender dysphoria, for which young women and girls are significantly overrepresented
  • Promoting holistic support for mothers, children and families
  • Speaking out against laws to introduce commercial surrogacy, which exploits and commodifies vulnerable women and children
  • Educating about the harms of prostitution, pornography and the broader hyper-sexualisation of our cultureand promoting legal models which recognise that the sex industry is not “work” or "entertainment", but exploitation
  • Exposing the ideological indoctrination and sexualisation of children in advertising, entertainment, and the education system
  • Supporting the women and men who speak out about these issues

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By raising up women and girls – by defending their dignity, safety and rights – we raise up families, communities and our entire culture.

So, thank you for giving your best gift today to champion genuinely pro-woman policy and cultural change in our country, and for taking a strong stand for women and girls.

Yours for women,

Rachael Wong
CEO | Women’s Forum Australia

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Women’s Forum Australia is an independent think tank that undertakes research, education and public policy advocacy on issues affecting women and girls, with a particular focus on addressing behaviours and practices that are harmful and abusive to them. We are a non-partisan, non-religious, tax-deductible charity. We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations to make an impact.