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Women’s Forum Australia maintains a strong commitment to life-affirming cultural change for women’s wellbeing and freedom. Our vision is for women to be given real ..

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We Need To Have The Hard Conversations About Gender Identity Laws And The Rights And Welfare Of Women And Girls

I seem to miss all the fun these days. Meghan Murphy, the outspoken gender-critical feminist was in New Zealand recently (https://speakupforwomen.nz/events/feminism-2020-wellin ...

A Tale of Two Babies

Sofia woke me at 4am, kicking and stretching, making my belly contort. “Good girl”, I thought, reassured. I’d been on bed rest for four weeks in hospital afte ...

Mums, Here’s How To Help Your Daughter’s Self-Image

Call me biased but I think my daughters are the most beautiful girls in the world. And in a world that serves us up unrealistic standards and expectations when it comes to beau ...

Growing Up In A Digital World: Plug In Or Press Pause?

In the same way that the Renaissance period is recalled as a moment of artistic endeavour, our current era will be remembered for the many incredible advances that are being ma ...

Abortion Reform At Odds With Authentic Feminism

Today, the NSW Legislative Council resumed debate on the controversial abortion bill. As a woman, a feminist, a disability advocate, and a health professional, I wholeheartedly ...

NSW Abortion Campaign Not About Women's Health

A new campaign (https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/sixty-groups-fighting-to-overturn-nsw-s-archaic-abortion-laws-20190501-p51j23.html)to 'decriminalise' and modernise' aborti ...

The Most Draining Part Of Motherhood

So here I am, two kids in, one aged three and the other aged one. And I think it’s the most drained I’ve ever felt on this journey that is motherhood. Don’t m ...

Australia Must Better Protect The Rights And Dignity Of Women With Disabilities

A controversial ‘best interest’ ruling (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/23/world/europe/abortion-mentally-disabled-uk.html) handed down by the Court of Protection i ...

To The Birth Strikers: Have Hope, Not Fear!

I was sceptical and concerned when I first came across a recent article (https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/mar/12/birthstrikers-meet-the-women-who-refuse-to-have-ch ...

We Are What We Eat (Listen To, Watch and Read)

Could what we audibly and visually consume impact us in ways we may not even realise? I’ve been asking myself this question for quite some time. Perhaps it was that p ...
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