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Women’s Forum Australia is deeply concerned about the damaging impact of pornography on women, as well as on men, children and society. Women’s Forum Australia ..

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South Australia must introduce Nordic Model if it wants to reform state’s sex industry

Early last month, Liberal MP Michelle Lensink’s radical bill to fully decriminalise prostitution in South Australia passed the Legislative Council. This was an  ...

"It's the considered and researched approach on women's issues that is so helpful"

There are many organisations out there doing great work in the community. Some receive grants from the government, some fund their activities through the sale of goods, others  ...

"They understand the true value and dignity of women"

Women's Forum Australia has a broad network of supporters from diverse backgrounds and with varying skills and experiences. Women who have a passion for life and who work hard  ...

"I value their 'authentically feminist' approach"

Women's Forum Australia is fortunate to work with many different people who believe in our vision of an Australian society that respects and promotes the dignity of women. Some ...

Together, we did it!

Thanks to your support and encouragement in the past year we managed to help prevent the introduction of extreme abortion laws in NSW and Queensland and made a huge difference  ...

Extreme Abortion Law Dangerous for Women

Today the NSW Legislative Council is set to debate what is perhaps one of the most extreme and dangerous laws to face this state and its women. In NSW, women currently have ...

Abortion Coercion: The NRL Still Has a Long Way to Go in its Treatment of Women

Within the course of a week, the NRL has been shaken by two separate, shocking allegations involving players who coerced their girlfriends into undergoing abortions. Except ...

In the Fight for Equality, We Must Celebrate Difference

Today is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and a call for their equal treatment in so ...

How to be a Feminist

Feminism was once a movement that unified women; it empowered them to seek equality, to seek autonomy and to seek opportunity. The beauty and power of feminism has been lo ...

Funding the International Abortion Industry Fails Women

Governments, organisations and philanthropists pledged over $250 million (http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-pledges-nothing-to-counter-donald-trum ...
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