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Violence Against Women

Women’s Forum Australia is deeply concerned about the high rates of violence against women and children in Australia. Women's Forum Australia is particularly concerne..

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Downs Screening and the Pressure of Perfection

We are all for diversity these days, are we not? Identity is sacred and inclusiveness is the official word on people with disabilities. So why is every effort being made to eli ...

Hushing Up the Health Risks of Abortion is Unjust to Women

Last week Jane Gilmore wrote an article (http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/news-and-views/opinion/the-christian-lobby-is-now-trying-to-convince-women-that-abortion-causes-breast- ...

Women Deserve Better than the Proposed Abortion Law Reform

Concerted efforts are currently underway to remove limits on abortion in both Queensland and New South Wales. Apparently both states' abortion laws are"archaic" (http://www.bri ...
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