Thank you for taking a stand for women and children!

Call on NSW MPs to Protect Women and Children

Thank you for signing the petition calling on the NSW Parliament to protect women and children and reject the anti-women, anti-children reforms being proposed in NSW, including sex self-ID, fully deregulated prostitution, the removal of bans on overseas commercial surrogacy, and any reforms to restrict, punish or criminalise those who are trying to help individuals struggling with gender dysphoria.

Can you take the next critical step of contacting all NSW Lower House MPs to tell them your concerns about these harmful reforms?

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EXAMPLE: My name is Sarah, a wife, mother of 3 and nurse. I have seen the way in which children are rushed down the 'gender transitioning' pathway without holistic care, which is why I am concerned about the proposed criminalisation of medical professionals and parents under the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill.


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