Violence Against Women

Women’s Forum Australia is deeply concerned about the high rates of violence against women in Australia

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 350,000 women will experience physical violence and 125,000 women will experience sexual violence each year.
  • One in three Australian women will report being the victim of physical violence in their lifetime.
  • One in five Australian women will report being a victim of sexual violence in their lifetime.
  • Sexual assault and domestic and family violence are crimes most often perpetrated by men against women. This violence is usually perpetrated by men whom women know, in their own home and often repeatedly.
  • Some groups of women experience higher rates of violence. These include Indigenous women, women with disabilities, and women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, younger women and older women.
  • Each year, violence against women costs the nation $13.6 billion. This figure is expected to rise to $15.6 billion by 2021.


National council to reduce violence against women National council to reduce violence against women (142 KB)

National_Women's_Health_Submission National_Women's_Health_Submission (843 KB)

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Useful Websites

Australian Bureau of Statistics (2005) Personal Safety Survey, ABS Cat. No. 4906.0, Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia.

KPMG (2009) The Cost of Violence Against Women and their Chidren. Safety Taskforce, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Australia Government.

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