Adoption Rethink




Adoption Rethink

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Adoption Rethink

In 2012-13 there were 339 adoptions in Australia with more than a third of these adoptions from overseas. In 1971-72 there were 9,798 adoptions. That is a decline of 96.6% in the number of adoptions in the last 40 years.  

This dramatic decline has meant Australia now has one of the lowest rates of adoption in the developed world.     

Why is adoption apparently so difficult in Australia? 

In this latest research report from Women's Forum Australia, Adoption Rethink, we consider the evidence base, both national and international, to understand what is currently known about adoption practice and the experiences of those involved. The report also includes a comprehensive set of practical recommendations for changes to adoption policy and practice that could be implemented to improve the rates of adoption in Australia for the benefit of Australian women and their families.

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