Jaya Taki on Queensland Abortion Law Reform: "We can do better than this".

Though I feel this opinion is a minority, let’s address it anyway. This is in response to me sharing an article about the current abortion law reforms in Queensland:

“Forgive me if I am I wrong but did you or did you not choose to abort the pregnancy with Tim Simona? Would it have made a difference how far along you were or was it a matter of what was best for that child at the time? Either way, you made that choice and shouldn’t be picking on others for making theirs. I’m sorry, I really respect some of the things that you say but you are way out of line with this (hypocritical even). There are some people who are in no physical or mental position to be giving birth to a child; who only realise they’re pregnant at a late stage and everyone has the right to decide, but it takes a real human being to distinguish right from what’s not meant that be. Life is hard, save those that you can from the hardship that comes about when you realise your parents don’t and never want you.”

It’s a shame she sees my advocacy work as “picking on others” - far from it in fact. The abortion I was coerced into through emotional and psychological blackmail sent me so far into depression I almost ended my life, and therefore it opened my eyes to the truth behind abortion, and how it is not the best/only choice so many are misinformed into believing it is.

Between publicly sharing my journey with abortion, and privately assisting the many women who seek my advice, I am still very much pro choice - however what choice do women really have if they feel abortion is the only solution available to them? So really - I am pro education and pro empowerment.

I’ve stood by women who have asked me for advice who have then gone to abort - no judgement from me, only support. I don’t judge any woman for having an abortion in the past, I’ve listened to my clients cry and cry over an abortion they’ve had, I’ve stood by the women who have faced crisis pregnancies who chose to keep their babies. I’m there - no matter what, through it all. But there is help available - services we can access - both pre and post abortive, that can be life saving. This is why I raise my voice to ensure women know there is help if needed.

Now that I’ve addressed those accusations - Whether you are pro life or pro choice - abortion is extremely challenging and that should not and cannot be denied. Late stage pregnancy has long term effects on the woman and of course the child, and allowing a woman to have an abortion up to 22 weeks with no questions asked - is this truly the best we can do for women? Can we not think of any other way to support a woman through a crisis pregnancy other than abortion?

Where are the safeguards for a mother who may be coerced into the abortion? Where are the safeguards for the baby? How can Doctors apply their conscientious objection when the law states they will have to refer a woman to another clinic where an abortion can be done? Where is the long term care for the women who abort? Can adoption be a more viable solution rather than late term abortion? Can we look at adoption processes and reform legislation instead to make it easier for “unwanted children” to be put into loving homes?

Addressing the last part of her comment: I’ve had a very hard life and if you knew what my childhood was like, you’d be astounded at my hardships - but that doesn’t mean my life mattered less, I actually love my life regardless. It was my brothers 5 year anniversary since he died just yesterday, the grief of his passing has been monumental - and I still love my life. My daughter was unwanted by her father and his family, still is - does she matter less? I was told to abort her for I will be “ruining my life” by keeping her and it turns out she’s near close to perfection. I was 24, was fired from my job, was left a single mum and had to go on Centrelink - so I know what it’s like to be in a position where abortion was the obvious choice.

I have had a miscarriage, abortion and I have a child and I share my story because in my life - choosing life positively changed my life - ending life almost ended mine.

There is no hypocrisy in having an abortion, realising it was an awful decision for me, unpacking the trauma behind it and being against the law reforms - this is horrific for all involved and we can do better than this.

Jaya Taki is a mother, a Woods Gravity Colon Therapist, Founder of the "Healthy Inside-Out" Workshop, and Co-Founder of "The Gut Warriors", who tour the country promoting gut health through their seminars and protocols. This piece was originally posted on Jaya's Facebook page, and has been re-published here with permission.

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