"It's the considered and researched approach on women's issues that is so helpful"

There are many organisations out there doing great work in the community. Some receive grants from the government, some fund their activities through the sale of goods, others like Women's Forum Australia rely heavily on donations from people who believe in their work. So what makes Women's Forum Australia special and worth supporting? We asked one of our long-term donors, Helen.

Here's her story.

Hi Helen, we'd love to hear a bit about you. Let's start with that.
I live on a small farm in country NSW and also work part-time in the higher education and research sector. My husband and I have two adult children and one in high school. We were also very excited recently to welcome our first beautiful little grandchild to the family!

Congratulations - the birth of a child is always something to celebrate! So family and education are obviously important to you and there's a lot of organisations out there that work in this space. Why support Women's Forum Australia?
I think it's summed up by "in the fight for real equality for women, we must celebrate difference". Nature has determined that there are distinct differences between women and men. If we understand, support and nurture these differences, build complementary partnerships to make strong families, as well as safety nets for those in need, society will flourish. Women's Forum Australia recognises this and I value their approach.

What do you think is special or unique about Women's Forum Australia?
I think it's the considered and researched approach on the range of relevant issues impacting on the wellbeing of girls and women, and then the way that information is put forward in a respectful and factual way that is so helpful.

What do you think has been one of our most significant achievements so far?
I believe all the work undertaken by Women's Forum Australia so far has been significant - later work has built on earlier work endeavouring to get to the bottom of what it is that is in the best long-term interests of girls and women, and therefore all of our society. It was especially wonderful to hear of Women's Forum Australia's success in working with others to defeat the proposed NSW extreme abortion legislation.

Would you recommend Women's Forum Australia to other women? Why?
Yes, I would. It's the digging deep into each of the issues and what they really mean for girls and women in the long term that is so valuable in Women's Forum Australia's pro-woman and life-affirming approach.

What do you hope Women's Forum Australia will achieve in the next five years?
I hope Women's Forum Australia will have continuing success at informing the legislators about the real impacts and full ramifications of all the issues affecting women so that members of parliaments around Australia make better laws to support the dignity of all women.

Thanks Helen, we are very grateful for your support and encouragement!

If, like Helen, you want to help support research on relevant issues and see that presented in a respectful and factual way, we invite you to be part of this incredible work.

We've already been able to achieve so much with the support of people like Helen. With your support, imagine how much more we could do.

If you believe in our vision of an Australian society that respects and promotes the dignity of all women, please consider supporting Women's Forum Australia. Every gift, no matter how big or small, will help us really make a difference for women, their families and Australian society.

Kristan Dooley
Kristan Dooley is the Managing Director at Women's Forum Australia.


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