"I value their 'authentically feminist' approach"

Women's Forum Australia is fortunate to work with many different people who believe in our vision of an Australian society that respects and promotes the dignity of women. Some support us through donations and others contribute time and skills working as volunteers on some of our key projects and events. 

Clare Bonner is one of our amazing researchers who made a critical contribution to our recent efforts to defeat the abortion legislation in NSW. Here's her story.

Hey Clare, tell us a bit about yourself.
I am 28 years old and a practising solicitor working in Sydney. I am also a member of the NSW Young Lawyers Civil Litigation and Western Sydney Young Professionals Committees. I have varied interests including law, music and literature. I am interested in social and policy issues affecting women from all walks of life. I am particularly passionate about creating a society that supports women to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their womanhood. 

What kind of work do you do for Women's Forum Australia?
I've been involved in some fascinating research projects where I've had the opportunity to use my professional legal skills and experience to work on some of the issues I am passionate about. Most recently I helped analyse the proposed NSW abortion legislation and wrote a summary report of my findings that Women's Forum Australia was able to use to highlight the legislation's harmful implications for women.

What made you want to be involved in Women's Forum Australia? How is it different from other organisations?
There is a severe lack of research and evidence-based understanding of women's issues in our society. 'Feminism' has become a loaded concept which has taken on many meanings and ideologies in recent years, many of them false and harmful to women.

I understand authentic feminism to be a movement that genuinely attempts to understand and improve our society's treatment of women. It truly values the contribution women make in all aspects of society, respects the dignity and well-being of all women, and through them, the dignity and well-being of all people.

I wanted to become involved with Women's Forum Australia because it is the only Australian organisation I know that provides a practical, evidence-based, 'authentically feminist' approach to creating pro-woman cultural change.

What would you say to other women who are considering volunteering with us?
Being part of Women's Forum Australia's important mission to create a truly pro-woman culture in our country is motivating, exciting and fulfilling. If you are passionate about creating positive cultural change that is pro-woman and life-affirming then I highly recommend volunteering with Women's Forum Australia! And if you are time-poor then consider making a donation to support their important work. Australian women need it!

Thanks Clare, we are so grateful for your support. And we're excited about what's next!

If like Clare, you are passionate about creating a society that supports women to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their womanhood we invite you to be part of this incredible work.

We've already been able to achieve so much with part-time volunteer researchers like Clare. Imagine what we could do with a paid full-time team!

Your support, whether by donations or time spent volunteering with us, will help us really make a difference for women, their families and Australian society.

Kristan Dooley
Kristan Dooley is the Managing Director at Women's Forum Australia.


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